About Us

Hi, my name is Jo, but my friends call me JoJo! 

I am based in Fernvale QLD.

I started Blanks by Rhinestone Empire as an offshoot of my long-time company Rhinestone Empire, which was an artisanal clothing and horse apparel design studio specialising in custom made Rhinestone and Hot-press Vinyl Polo’s, Jumpers and Jackets aimed towards the Australian Horse Enthusiast community.

In 2019 I discovered making custom tumblers and fell in love with the process and the amount of personalisation available, which allowed me to explore many different styles and processes for making beautiful tumblers and other epoxy products, this also allowed me to continue my love of glitter.

In 2021, Due to a distinct lack of options available for importing products for my own use – I started a new venture to import tumbler blanks and other accessories and selling them to the broader community of crafters and business owners who had consistently had issues with purchasing these products in smaller quantities.

Blanks by Rhinestone Empire now imports and supplies Stainless Steel, Sublimation & Acrylic double walled tumblers and associated accessories to various hobbyist and professional crafters across Australia, we have various other products also available. 

Alongside the tumblers we also supply various products such as Temporary Tattoo's, Custom Vinyl Decals, Rhinestones, Mixing Products, 3D printed cup stands and Tumbler fabrics to assist in both creation of these tumblers and preparation of the cups themselves.

In June 2021, we made our first expansion into supplied products by way of designing and supplying various 3D printed products which aid in the preparation and storage of tumblers. We are currently operating 5 printers, which are printing full time in order to keep up with continuous demand for quality products as the current market products are not readily available to the average customer.
We had a vision to design and build a turner for the tumbling community. We believe with much testing we have built the turner people have been waiting for, high quality with full function and a complete unit, just unbox and plug in, you are ready to craft. We are blown away with the support and positive feedback we have gotten from our customers. We are also expanding our attachment range as we go along. 

We are currently looking to expand our product selection further as the company reach increases and we can increase our profits and sales.

We frequently post ‘live’ product demonstrations in both my group and the Sparkles Australia with Jelby Crafting Co. group